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Alizila for Alibaba Press Site

Alibaba's press site, Alizila, covers a variety of stories related to China and e-commerce and represents Alibaba's outreach to foreign media and investors. As lead UX designer at Group SJR, I spearheaded a redesign of the Alizila user experience in 2015.

Alizila for Alibaba
Desktop Designs
Alizila Wireframes

Compass USA Corporate Site

At Group SJR, I helped redesign the official site for Compass USA, a leading food services provider, emphasizing the company’s long history and commitment to environmental and community impact.

Compass USA Website
Desktop Designs
Compass Wireframes
Old Sitemap
New Sitemap
Press Persona

Paragon One Landing Pages

As a UX Consultant, I worked with the executive team at Paragon One to create marketing pages for their exclusive private tutoring program designed to help international students launch their careers in the United States. I prototyped the page using Webflow, a web design program that generates front-end code for quick deployment, allowing us to rapidly test and iterate on the landing pages.

Paragon One Landing Page
Paragon One Landing Pages

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